This is a group of photos which involve a kind of "chronicle".A chronicle about greek crisis which is primarily cultural,as it is suggested to be by this "journal of a death foretold"which we have here. Photos taken from the nature representing and reflecting situations and events which in my opinion were driving to the today's crisis. The titles appear-usually in the upper left section of the photographs-serve as a 'stamp',like those to be found on the crates of transit trade. It is from the appearance of the stamps on the crates for the transporting of cargoes or for the transfer of meanings that we perceive the"content"of the photograph and its notation in each instance.The consequent question is whether and to what degree nomenclature pre-empts the system of values to which each of its references is directing us,or whether these same values (spiritual values,the offspring of our humanist civilisation)have,on our responsibility,been circumvented or are appearing,through bankrupt systems,to be in the process of being stifled by the inflationary degradation and distortion with we -willy-nilly-have endowed them. Is it that nature and our life are used as a commodity,through the crisis which both these two extraneously defined parameters are undergoing? My proposition is not simply to awaken the awareness, to develop,also,the critical dimension in the face of what we are experiencing, but above all to stimulate the inner resirtances in the face of a crisis which is primarily cultural,as it is said above. These works present in its sub-soil,if one looks more deeply,pregnant with a life-giving hope for its resetting and reversal,stressing-as is often the case in nature -the potentialities for reconstitution and rebirth.
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How α project came to life."Double exposures"
I shall begin with the project of the show "Double Views".(see:portfolio) This project started from a favorite recollection I have of my travels and vacations which is the sensation of a concrete mixture of people,scents,landscapes,noises,various sounds and movements at particular times. I embarked upon this project in the hopes of recording this precious mixed sensation. So, I mingled people and their reactions together with the landscapes and architecture of the buildings, all at tranquil, tender,and sometimes difficult moments. These photographs are the result of an effort that evolved over four years.Shot on the same negative,each under calculated lighting conditions,(non automatic analogue old camera)these images comprise a single entity on a single negative and have been accomplished throughout the device of double exposure as well as double thought. I experimented for quite a while on the first photograph,Persephone,so that I would not be subjected to chance. Surely,the scents and sounds of a place are not conveyed in a photograph but they more easily awake memory through prints in which there coexist the images of the same intensity,narrating one another without detracting from one another. The show took place at Astrolavos gallery in Athens on the 13 May 1999. The printing was done by me in the darkroom and took too much time because of the double exposure nefatifs. The show took place at the Astrolavos galery in Athens during May 1999.
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