LAST JUDGEMENT.Solo exhibition.Argo gallery.Athens.Ending 12 May.
The works negotiate the nature of the allegory of the soul The tragic state of man, in which the world of reality is projected on to the other world through the imagination. Human morality enters into the heavenly order of things, in which the allegorical theatre of the passions and of the events of an earthly reality is played out. The other world makes its appearance with the image of this world. In the background, however, is the mystery of our soul, in its three states: Human, Divested, and Reborn, which represent Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise, the three worlds of Dante. Hell is shown as everyone imagines it: a place of FIRE. Purgatory refers our imagination to water, by means of which, apart from its cleansing property, was also the element which led our ancient ancestors to the other dimension. Paradise, according to Dante, was the 'Empyrean', which alone, he writes, remains immobile, higher than all the heavens, and is the dwelling-place of God. Odysseus, Dante, Orpheus, Aeneas, Christ - five figures who made this perilous and terrible journey into Hades, each for a different reason and purpose. His adventures changed the clever Odysseus from an arrogant trickster into a wise man. When he returned to Ithaca, his entire way of looking at the world had altered. Hades, metaphorically, is finality, completion for man, because man, through difficult situations - that is, Purification - is hardened, matures, and acts wisely. But Purification cannot come in half measures, nor with equivocations. Nor with the efforts of others. Purification is individual, just as the resurrection of the spirit is. Smara Ayacatsica
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This is a group of photos which involve a kind of "chronicle".A chronicle about greek crisis which is primarily cultural,as it is suggested to be by this "journal of a death foretold"which we have here. Photos taken from the nature representing and reflecting situations and events which in my opinion were driving to the today's crisis. The titles appear-usually in the upper left section of the photographs-serve as a 'stamp',like those to be found on the crates of transit trade. It is from the appearance of the stamps on the crates for the transporting of cargoes or for the transfer of meanings that we perceive the"content"of the photograph and its notation in each instance.The consequent question is whether and to what degree nomenclature pre-empts the system of values to which each of its references is directing us,or whether these same values (spiritual values,the offspring of our humanist civilisation)have,on our responsibility,been circumvented or are appearing,through bankrupt systems,to be in the process of being stifled by the inflationary degradation and distortion with we -willy-nilly-have endowed them. Is it that nature and our life are used as a commodity,through the crisis which both these two extraneously defined parameters are undergoing? My proposition is not simply to awaken the awareness, to develop,also,the critical dimension in the face of what we are experiencing, but above all to stimulate the inner resirtances in the face of a crisis which is primarily cultural,as it is said above. These works present in its sub-soil,if one looks more deeply,pregnant with a life-giving hope for its resetting and reversal,stressing-as is often the case in nature -the potentialities for reconstitution and rebirth.
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natura naturans
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