CV - Smara Ayacatsica

She was born in Rhodes,Greece ,and she studied Interior Architecture and Photography at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.

She worked at the Pin-Up Studios, Paris. She collaboratored with photographers Sarah Moon, Paolo Roversi, Oliviero  Toscani, and Peter Lindberg.

Freelance photography. Selected clientele: Cosmopolitan, Lacoste, Harley Davindson

From 1986 to 1997 she taught photography at the T.E.I. of Athens, Focus School of Photography, and Interior Design at Athens College.


Argo gallery.Athens.Title:Last Judgement.

07-2015 Veranta. Gallery. Kea island. Title : Thalassa.
02-2012 Aurora. Gallery. Paris. Title: Rêves de Venise.
12-2011 ART-ZONE 42 Gallery. Title : Nature and Crisis.
02-2009 FNAC gallery at The Μall.Athens. Title: The carnival of Serenissima. 
09-2008 Fnac gallery at The Mall.Athens. Title: China before the Olympic games.
06-2007 Museum of Modern Art. Rhodes.Titles: Natura Naturans and Double views.
06-2006 Center of the Arts at The Liberty Parc of Athens. Title:Natura Naturans.
05-1999   Astrolavos gallery. Athens. Totle :  Double views.
09-1994   Roloi Bar and Gallery.  Rhodes.  Title : MARE.
02-1992   Gallery 4. Prague. Title  : Nude.
07-1998   Prisma gallery.Rhodes.Title:Walls.

  Athens photography center gallery.Title:Parents.


 10-2018  Parallax Art Fair,Town Hall,Chelsea.London."Last Judgement"
01-2017 Art Zone 42 gallery.Athens.Title:The red line.
07-2017 Aktis hotel.Patmos island.Title:en Aktis.
08-2017 At the Knight's arsenal.Rhodes.Title:Festival of Rhodes.
11-2017 IR 8 Gallery.Athens.Title:Redefining Childhood.
10-2014 Cultural center Melina.Athens.Title:Art and Madness.
11-2013 Center of the Arts.Liberty parc of Athens.Title:I choose to..
05-2013 ART ATHINA. Title: Eden Interrupted.
01-2013 Greek-French Association.Athens.Title: NOW
01-2012 French institute . Thessaloniki. Title: Nature and Crisis.
06-2010 Antonopoulou gallery. Athens. Title: Third nature.
12-2009 Technopolis,Gazi. Athens.Title: Human faces in Art.
05-2009 Municipal Cultural center of .Athens. Title: The trip.
05-2008 Trigono gallery.Kifissia,Athens. Title: Spring
05-2007 Art Tower Gallery. Athens.Title: De natura East West.
10-2001 Technopoli,Gazi.Athens. Title: Month of Fine Arts. 
04-1991 Antinor gallery. Athens. Title: Second Apostolic.
04-1987 Numismatic Museum. Athens. International month of Photography. Title:Young Greek Photographers.


•    Her two solo exhibitions “Double views” and “natura naturans” were published in 1999 and 2006 respectively.

•    She has also contributed in magazines like Photographia,  Photographos, Photo-net, the Greek Organization of  Tourism publications and the Hilton Magazine.

•    Her photographs were in the cover of the German book “Gestaltete Shop Design” and the Italina tourist guide “Storia  E Arte Di  Atene”.


•  Benaki Museum selected group of her photographs for its archive files.
•  Member of the Hellenic Chamber of Fine Arts.

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